Welcome to Celtic Casita. Here is a little about why I blog.

About Celtic Casita – A Multicultural Family Blog

Welcome!  Celtic Casita is a home for folks living a multicultural life or raising kids from different background cultures.  We ask the really sticky questions about the multicultural experience and welcome input from different perspectives.  We also share the day to day craziness of life, especially how different cultures approach everyday decisions.

A Little Background on my Multicultural Family

I’m Erin and I was raised in a middle class intellectual home where education was paramount and college was assumed.  My ethnic background is Irish-American mutt.  I can trace my lineage back to a signer of the Declaration of Independence, the Mormon migration to the United States from Britain, and folks escaping the Irish Potato Famine.  My father is second generation Irish and the culture is still strong in the family.

My husband’s family is from Mexico, he was the youngest of nine and the only child born in the U.S.  They were poor to the point where having enough to eat was often an issue growing up.  His mother had no education but made sure that all of her surviving children graduated college.  She was “La Abuelita” for our small town, the kind of person everyone knew and respected because she would give her last morsel of food to anyone who needed it.  She was an amazing cook and taught me some of her signature dishes.

Together we made a child who is an absolute joy.  As parents we are now facing decisions that bring our cultural differences into sharp focus.  We are raising a child who will have to grapple with his feelings about which culture he should belong to, or to create some kind of hybrid.  This blog explores those parenting decisions along with the everyday wonders of this life we have chosen.  I will include some recipes, tips, and stories to leaven the heavy stuff.

Welcome and Well Met

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